Peer Review Process

This publication (journal) does not guarantee any acceptance of the article or peer review [anonymous bilateral].

The process of article acceptence
The initial review will be reviewed within 10 days and after the initial approval of the editor will be sent to specialized judges. The arbitration process takes about three months, with re-evaluation and re-correction added to the process. This publication does not guarantee the acceptance of the article
Article acceptance process
 Judging articles in the journal of [Quranic Doctrines] by peer review method - Double blind peer review (identity of the author of the article and the referee is not known to both parties).
The reviewers are obliged to judge the article within the specified time and according to the policies and instructions of the publication.
- Each article will be evaluated by at least two experts in the relevant subject area.
Steps to evaluate articles
1. Receiving articles through the journal system (articles that are sent to the journal via email or methods other than the system, will not be in the process of reviewing the journal)
2. Initial evaluation of the article according to the main indicators of the journal (subject, authors, article structure, etc.)
3. Review of the article in terms of plagiarism and similarity through Samim Noor similarity system
  (It should be noted that only articles that qualify in step 2 will be similar, otherwise the article will be rejected or referred to the author for correction)
4. Submit the article to at least two expert judges in the thematic context of the article
5. Announcing the result of judging to the author (rejection / need to review)
6. To follow review of articles by authors
7. Sending the revised article to the comparative referee (acceptance / non-acceptance)
8. Announcing the result of comparative arbitration to the author (acceptance / non-acceptance)
9. Sending a letter of acceptance to the author
10. Puting the article in the accepted articles section for publication