Guide for Authors

Guide for registering authors in the system

The target group of the journal is postgraduate students, doctoral students, professors and faculty members.


This  is full open access journal. Publication fee is 8000000 IRR based on the regulations  and laws of Ministry of Science, Research and technology for papers being accepted  and after  peer review to cover publishing functions.

-Manuscripts which are transferred by BA, MA and PHD students must be put forward by supervisors or academic members.

-Manuscripts should be submitted only if they are scientific, original research and contain innovation.

-Manuscripts have not already been published or submitted elsewhere or copied from internet.

-Manuscripts should have 6000 words in minimum and 9000 words in maximum.

-The abstract should be an objective representation of the article and a total of about 200 words in maximum and be a single paragraph. keywords need to be added after abstract.

-In the text, reference should be placed in parentheses

  • The main titles should be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc., and their sub-titles should be specified with 1-1, 1-2, ..., and 1-2, 2-2, etc.
  • The abstract of the article, which is a full-fledged and concise mirror of the discussion, should be attached in a maximum of ten lines, and the keywords of the article (three to seven words) should follow each abstract.
  • References in the text of the article should be written in parentheses (author's last name, year of publication: page number or cover / page number).
  • If the next reference is immediately to the same source, use (same or the same: volume number / page) and if it is another source from the same author (Homo, year of publication: page).
  • Latin sources should be written in Latin from the left in parentheses (page / cover: year of publication, surname) and in the next reference if immediately (Ibid.). Direct quotes should be inserted separately from the text with indentation (one and a half centimeters) from the right. Latin form of special names, specialized words and foreign compounds should be inserted in a footnote.
  • Explanatory notes (explanations that the author considers necessary) should be included in a footnote.
  • - References in the notes should be in the same order as the text and detailed specifications of the source in the list at the end of the article.
  • - The sources used in the text, at the end of the article and in alphabetical order, the surname or famous name of the author (s) should be given as follows: Book: surname, name (author / authors), book name, translator, researcher or proofreader, time of publication (if the first edition is not required), place of publication, name of the publisher, date of publication. ق. یا م. (Respectively for solar, lunar or Gregorian years).
  • Article: Surname, name (author / authors), "title of article in quotation marks", name of journal, period / year, issue number, date of publication.
  • Websites: Last name, author name, "subject of the quotation mark", name and address of the website.
  • - The full name of the author, university degree or academic title and the name of his / her respective institution should be mentioned in both Persian and English languages ​​and should be sent along with postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. The journal is free to edit articles. Observance of the Persian calligraphy approved by the Academy of Persian Language and Literature is mandatory. Received articles will not be returned in any way.
  • - Sending and receiving articles is done only through the journal management system at the website of Razavi University of Islamic Sciences - Research publications system <>. Communication with the management of the magazine is possible through the address of the magazine office (Holy Mashhad, PO Box: 461-91735) or e-mails <>.